Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Travel Tap

I am taking the Drinksafe Travel Tap with me on my walk from Prestatyn in North Wales to my home in Bournemouth.

"650ml. capacity

14 cms x8 cms 180 gms

Delivery rate 400mls/minute

The most proven tested micro purification filter bottle in the world: UK USA South Africa Australia and a few more

MoD spec UK tested filter proven for immediate removal bacteria unlike others

Patented Absolute filter and exclusive stage media inbuilt into filter is not available to any other manufacturer which is what sets these systems apart

Purifies and pre filters water immediately up to 1600 litres

Supplied with cooling protective insulator carrier

Drink direct from on the move! Clean tasting purified ABSOLUTE filterered water - instantly

Removes/ reduces even pre treated purifiction chemicals taste for life of filter - 1600 litres tested

Removes taste and disease causatives including viral disease causatives immediately. In-built pre filter. Dust cap.

New micro purification filter cartridge system"

So finding water as I go shouldn't be a problem,and a weight saving of 2kg as I normally carry 2ltr of water at a time.


  1. Graham
    Have just brought one from BPL. Seems to be a good bit of kit and quite light unlike the rest of your kit selection. Howard

  2. Howard,
    As you once said to me any fool can be uncomfortable and I don't intend to be another statistic for the mountain rescue services.
    Are you on the TGO Challenge this year?

  3. they work well - I picked one up last year and it does what it says on the bottle very admirably

  4. Graham
    No TGOC this year, Cape Wrath instead.