Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dorset Spring Static

As all mornings on a static camp should start we went to The Shed for a Hungry Camper cooked breakfast before setting out on a walk led by John over the chalk downlands to the north of Sixpenny Handley.
Purple Traveller led a small group who cycled to Old Wardour Castle.
On our return we found that Dave Toplady had arrived with a group of 7 on his a cyclepacking weekend from Berkshire.There are now 17 members of the Backpackers Club here at Church Farm Sixpenny Handley but tomorrow we all head our seperate ways.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Dorset Dawdle Day 3

Todays route took me through the historic town of Blandford Forum and the villages of Pimperne and Chettle tn finish in Sixpenny Handley.
John from the Dorset group of the Backpackers Club contacted me and we arranged to meet on the northern edge of Blandford Forum and to walk in together stopping en route for lunch in Chettle.
We thought that we were the first to arrive at Church Farm Sixpenny Handley but soon discovered that we were beaten by four other members including Purple Traveller who had arrived by bicycle.Our numbers have since swollen to ten and we have our own field next to what may be our alarm clock! The donkey in the picture above.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Dorset Dawdle Day 2

Todays route took me along the Wessex Ridgeway to Bulbarrow Hill the highest point on this trip at 274m then via Winterborne Stickland to The Inside Park campsite at Blandford Forum.
The weather was great for walking but soon after I had taken the picture above I decided to walk around the edge of a pile of straw and slurry that the farmer had piled up in a field. I thought that I was walking on solid ground but soon discovered it was just a crust over something nasty. First one leg sank up to the knee then the the other as I tried to regain my balance leaving me to have to wade out. My trousers and shoes were covered in a stinking brown and yellow slime. I tried to wash it off at the first water that I came to and walked through every stream that I could on the way to the campsite where I finaly managed to have a shower and wash my clothes.
I didnt bring any spare clothes with me so I will be wearing damp clothes in the morning.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dorset Dawdle Day 1

I am now camped at the Giants Head campsite high above the famous Cerne Abbas Giant.
I left Dorcester at around noon passing by The Keep which is in the photo above.Then through Charminster and up onto the ridge on the western side of the Cerne valley.I continued north to join the Wessex Ridgeway Path which goes through the campsite where I'm staying tonight.
I arrived here at 4pm so a very easy day! And I don't think tomorrow's walk to Blandford Forum will be much harder.So it's a very pleasant Dawdle through Dorset.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dorset Dawdle

The Dorset group of the Backpackers Club has its Spring Static meet at Church Farm Sixpenny Handley 9th-11th April and as I have a few days to spare so I plan to walk there via Dorchester,Cerne Abbas and Blandford Forum. I will also post updates via Twitter @stourvalewalker

Wednesday 7th April I will catch the train from Bournemouth to Dorchester and walk to Giants Head Campsite Cerne Abbas.
Thursday 8th April Cerne Abbas to The Inside Park Campsite Blandford Forum.
Friday 9th April Blandford Forum to Church Farm Sixpenny Handley
Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th April Static camp Sixpenny Handley
Monday 12th Sixpenny Handley to Bournemouth via Wimborne

After reading about all the different types of shelters people are using at the moment I am keen to try out my new acquisition which I'm sure will be admired by Purple Traveller and the others when they arrive at Sixpenny Handley ;-)