Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Phlogging - Change the way you blog.

There is a new free service out there which could add a new dimension to the way you blog its called Phlogging (phone blogging) from iPadio.
All you need is a basic mobile phone,no need for fancy iPhones and the like.You dial a standard rate number enter a pin code and speak. And when you've finished speaking press the # key and your Phlog is posted.
You can link Twitter,Blogger,Facebook and many other social websites to your account.You could even use a call box if there is no mobile signal!
You just phone in and enter your registered number and pin code when asked.
If you are a bit of a wiz kid iPadio have Apps for Android and iPhone where you can link more content to your Phlog  like photos,a title,tags and geo-location you can even automatically generate text using SpinVox.
Is the world ready to hear my voice?
I hope so as I plan to start using this service very soon.