Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Phlogging - Change the way you blog.

There is a new free service out there which could add a new dimension to the way you blog its called Phlogging (phone blogging) from iPadio.
All you need is a basic mobile phone,no need for fancy iPhones and the like.You dial a standard rate number enter a pin code and speak. And when you've finished speaking press the # key and your Phlog is posted.
You can link Twitter,Blogger,Facebook and many other social websites to your account.You could even use a call box if there is no mobile signal!
You just phone in and enter your registered number and pin code when asked.
If you are a bit of a wiz kid iPadio have Apps for Android and iPhone where you can link more content to your Phlog  like photos,a title,tags and geo-location you can even automatically generate text using SpinVox.
Is the world ready to hear my voice?
I hope so as I plan to start using this service very soon.


  1. I will look forward to hearing your dulcet tones Graham.

    I am not sure how popular it will become though.
    With normal blogging you have the time to make alterations etc. Spoken word is different-you have to think quicker and at my age that might not be possible......!!

  2. Trevor,
    It won't be long before we hear live Phlogs from you as you hurtle through the countryside on your bicycle ;-)

  3. Hope you enjoy using ipadio, Graham! Have you linked your account up to your blogger yet? :)

    Let me know if you need any help - james.omalley@ipadio.com

  4. Yes I have linked up via email to blogger and also to @stourvalewalker on Twitter.