Friday, 24 April 2009

Dorset Spring Static Meet

I have decided not to make the long journey to The Backpackers Club AGM this year instead I will be joining several Club members at Home Farm in Puncknowle which is a small village to the west of Dorchester.We have stayed at Home Farm on a number of occasions and have never found it to be busy and often we are the only campers there.So I am looking forward to a peaceful nights sleep and tomorrow a good days walking.I may even visit the Crown Inn pictured above!


  1. It still seems very cold in UK, though spring is the exciting season mixing memory and desire.
    Please take care not to catch a cold. Have a nice journey. Could you come to my blog to see cherry blossom?

  2. I`ve never stayed at this site, normally used the one in Churchknowle: i think its the woodland camping site.

    I'm back down in Purbeck in, may have to try this new one out :-)

    Have a good weekend :-)

  3. As I don't live far way I may come over on Sunday if that is OK.

  4. Ignore me: I'm getting Puncknowle and Churchknowle confused :rolleyes: :-)