Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Three go wild on the South Downs

Over weekend I met up with @NigeP and @s_tranter_photo this time for a weekend of wild camping on the South Downs


Above our woodland campsite on Saturday morning and below looking north over a misty valley.

After spending Saturday wandering the South Downs we made for Chanctonbury Ring planning to camp there but ended up camping by the nearby trig point.

Simon setting up his tarp.

Nigel's Tarptent and my Trailstar

Another view of my Trailstar

Below sunrise over Chanctonbury Ring 

Another couple of pictures of my Trailstar with misty valleys behind.


  1. Some great pics of your trip Graham....!
    You would have been proud of me when I was in Spain....No tent...No tarp....just the moon and stars.


  2. Are you happier with the Trailstar now? I am planning to take my Laser comp to the Brecons soon, maybe next year I will get a trailstar when I am sick of trying to get the tiny buckle at the bottom of the door to close.

    Nice pictures, sorry about the uncalled for rant.

  3. Thanks Trevor,we are proud of the distance that you cycled! It sounds like you have lots of good memories from your trip. It would be good to catch-up at some point. Are you planning anything with the Backpackers this Autumn?

  4. Hi Ben,
    I think that the Terra Nova Laser Competition is probably the best tent for backpacking in the UK.You could fit a larger buckle at the bottom of the door.
    The Trailstar needs a large area to pitch and until http://oookworks.com/ bring out a nest for it you have to avoid places where midges live.
    I think that the Trailstar is ideal for windy mountainous country for up to three people.Have you seen Steven Horner's review? http://www.stevenhorner.com/?p=1003

  5. Nice pics Graham. Nice looking area to walk as well.

  6. I was going to Graham, but I have decided to stick with my original decision of standing down and let someone else take it on....


  7. Some fine photos Graham! Always makes me smile if virtual friends get together for a hike in real life - good stuff!

  8. Some greta pics there Graham, love the sun's orb rising through the trees on Chantonbury. Also nice pic of me setting up with my arse hanging out, cheer for that ;-)
    Seriously though, it was a great weekend, with great weather and great company.


  9. A nice set of photos Graham - that looked a relaxing trip!

  10. I have seen Steves review. It does look good. I noticed on Lightweight Outdoors that an inner might be on the way - http://lightweightoutdoors.com/?p=2287 Glad you had a good weekend on Dartmoor.