Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jetboil Flash

The Jetboil Flash  is attractive due to the way it packs away into a compact package.It is quick and easy to put together to make a brew while on the go.Which from a safety point of view is a good thing as Hypothermia is not a hikers friend.
I have found  that using stoves that take too long to set up and put away deters me from stopping for a hot drink.

It may not be the lightest or fastest stove out there but it more than makes up for that with the ease of use. The pot clips onto the gas burner unit and there are clip on feet supplied which attach under the gas canister they make it a very stable stove in all but the windiest conditions. But even then you can hold it in your hands while heating up the water. Strong winds can still effect the flame but it is easily sheltered using a backpack or even your hands when out in the open.

I bought the Jetboil Flash from Webtogs they also sell a range of other stoves which can be found on their website.

When its time for tea use this modern day Billycan for a hot drink in a flash!

video from RVOps


  1. Glad you liked it Graham, I don't set foot out on a walk without mine. Like you say, it's so quick to boil that there's no excuse for not stopping for a cuppa and keeping warm and hydrated. I've got the old fashioned one without the flash and I got a set of feet for it from Bob and Rose at Backpacking Light - well worth a couple of quid.

  2. Thanks for your comment Janet,
    I plan to make good use of it on day walks over the winter and post my thoughts on it next spring.

  3. Good review, Graham. It's good to see how Jetboil has really taken off and is being embraced by many. I bought one a few years ago and thought it wonderful except for stability issues - it was slightly annoying having to buy the feet separately. I may be wrong but I like that Jetboil's new accessories seem to be backwards-compatible, looking forward to getting the titanium pot for my now elderly Flash. Have you tried the Sol Ti yet?

  4. Thanks Chris,I think it was the inclusion of the locking pots support and the stabilizing feet that swang it for me this time. I have been looking at the Jetboil for a few years now. I like the idea of the gas regulator in the Sol Ti which would be good for very cold temps (below 0c) but the price has put me off.
    Have you seen Hendrik's excellent review of the Jetboil Sol Ti on his blog Hiking in Finland?

  5. Thanks Graham, I'll have a look.