Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dartmoor Backpack

This weekend I had a chance to join a group from The Backpackers Club led by Dave Britton for a backpack on Dartmoor. Brian and Jill who live near to me in Bournemouth kindly offered to give me a lift up on Friday and I had a great time in their company.
We met up with the others at Huccaby Farm in Hexworthy where we camped on the Friday night in the lower field by the river.

The early arrivals.

On the Saturday morning eight of us set out taking an easterly route over the moors towards Warren House Inn where we spent the night on the moors to the north of the Inn.

Gandalf re-joins us after talking with the Ents

On Sunday morning we took a more direct route back to Hexworthy.

Jill and Brian with the Warren House Inn behind.

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