Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer Walkabout kit part 2 (sleeping)

Alpkit Hunka Bivy Bag

I have had the Hunka bivy bag for a couple of years and have used it inside a tent during the winter and also on its own all year round.On my last trip at Easter I had a tent with me but this time using this and the Trailstar I will have more options as there are times where its easier to tuck away with just a bivy bag.

Mountain Equipment Xero 250

I have had the Xero 250 for a few years now and I love the weight and pack size. The colour brightens up the tent too. Winner of the 2007 European Outdoor Industry Award. It features EXL- A patented technology that provides optimum warmth using an elasticated lining to gently hug your body and improve thermal efficiency.
Weight 600g

Thermarest Prolite 3 short

I like the pack size of the Thermarest Neoair but not the price so as I don't find the Thermarest Prolite 3 too uncomfortable I will continue to use it.
Weight 370g

Exped Air Pillow

The super comfortable, lightweight Exped Air Pillow boasts skin-friendly, super-soft tricot polyester on either side.
Weight: 85g

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