Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Jetboil Flash arrives

I have just received a Jetboil Flash from webtogs I placed my order on Friday and it was delivered on Monday or would have been if I was at home. I have been away camping with my family at Roundhill campsite in the New Forest. Roundhill is a spacious site in the heart of the New Forest within easy cycling distance of Brockenhurst for fresh provisions. Wild ponies and cattle roam at will through the heathland site and deer can be seen in the nearby forest enclosures first thing in the morning before the dog walkers are up and about. But my sons were to be found in the unused rally field playing football with their cousins for most of the weekend.Sometimes I despair at their lack of interest in the world around them.

I am trying to keep my pack size as small as possible for my time away this summer and the Jetboil Flash seems attractive due to the way it packs away into a compact package.It is quick and easy to put together to make a brew while on the go.Which from a safety point of view is a good thing as Hypothermia is not a hikers friend.
I have found  that using stoves that take too long to set up and put away deters me from stopping for a hot drink.
I will post a review of this stove when I return home in September.


  1. I love my jetboil and was very glad of it on the PW to make a warming brew on those soggy boggy days. Mine boils a cup full of water in the time it takes me to get out my mug and add coffee and coffee-mate so I have no hesitation in getting it out.Hope you enjoy yours

  2. Thanks Janet,I have read many good reviews about the jetboil and I hope that it will be a worthwhile addition to my backpacking kit.
    And congratulations on completing the Pennine Way in less than favourable conditions in our so called summer.

  3. I regretted the final stove choice I made on the TGO Challenge. I was going to take the Flash but did not in the end. Big mistake. Great stove and choice.

  4. Ive had the original jetboil for a couple of years now, the only things ive changed on it are some primus stabilising feet and the coffee press. its been a great little thing. i cant fault it, its been used in every weather condition going whether its for a cuppa or re hydrating meals, its quick, easy to use and clean and pretty compact. What makes it even better is that it was free as it was an offer trail did to introduce a credit card they had, make one purchase and they sent you the jetboil...cut card up, happy days!

    the flash looks like an improvement, especially having the feet included.