Sunday, 1 March 2009

Primus EtaPackLite

Have a look at this video from LFTO

The long awaited Primus EtaPackLite stove is out now. This light and niftily packed £75 piezo ignition LP gas stove stove set uses a 1.2litre non-stick titanium pan with a heat exchanger (metal ripples like you find at the back of a radiator) at the base, which increases the efficiency of the stove from 40% to 80%. This means you’ll save weight, the environment and your wallet by not having to buy and carry as much fuel. The pan easily holds the stove and a 100g gas cartridge, and the transparent polypropylene lid also triples up as a colander and plate.

So many stoves so many choices I'll just have to hope that "Mr Stove" Darren over on Whitespider1066 will buy and review this stove!


  1. Graham, I did get a demo of it on film that I put up last year (it's on my youtube thingy).
    I want to get the range of their stoves to play with, I just need to find the money to get them. They would most likely lend me some for review, but having a library of stoves does enable me to do those comparison videos that folks like.
    Also just checked you are on OBF, why not post a hello on there as well to introduce yourself.

  2. Thanks Darren,I've seen your video on youtube,but I would like to see the stove used in a real life situation.Don't you just love the Trail videos like the one above,they have great entertainment value.
    Maybe you could do with a lovely young assistant in your videos ;)

  3. Still looks a bit bulky when compare to a burner & tri-lite mug. But then there is always the heat exchanger and that will always be an overhead

  4. I like it. Then I like the solo one which I own. Nice, stable and...well, very efficient. I must check it out.