Thursday, 26 February 2009

Clamcleat Aluminium Y tent pegs

I have just purchased twelve Clamcleat Aluminium Y tent pegs they arrived the next working day after ordering and cost just £3.49 per pack of six, so with postage at £1.73 I now have twelve very strong pegs for £8.71 That's fantastic value!
Info from Cleats website:-
A really strong aluminium tent peg. The Y section gives great rigidity and strength, while keeping the weight down to just 16gm. The bright blue anodising and red lanyard gives high visibility in grass. Ideal for hard ground. We did a lot of testing before choosing this design, to make sure we have the best combination of weight, strength, stiffness, visibility and good value. This are one of the strongest tent pegs you can buy.


  1. Well you've cetainly piqued my interest. But the picture issn't loading ........

  2. I take it the picture loaded in the end!
    Chairman Bill on Outdoorsmagic has recomended these pegs in the past.

  3. cheers -pixs there on this and older posts, but not on the latest (Meyrick Park)
    url is "http://localhost:51387/25595511c5185a507eb32e23b0b62435/image/fa806bf0e6d17053.jpg"

    Suspect its the way you're loading pixs?

    Meanwhile thanks for the peg tip-off -my order is on its way

  4. Thanks for alerting me, I've just ordered some.

  5. 1/3 - all pixs loading happpily today