Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New hat

After reading Eddy Mechan's article "The Burning Question" in the July issue of TGO magazine I felt the time had come to buy my first Tilley hat.
But which one? so many choices, which size brim? which colour? what material? After careful comparison I decided on the Stone coloured LT5B which is made from nylon and only weighs 95g
Info from Tilley
"The lightweight LT5B hat is made with 93% nylon, 7% spandex with a durable weather and stain repellant finish. It is tightly woven for high abrasion resistance, better shape retention, high breathability and superior comfort. A moisture wicking sweatband made with TRANSPOR® DRY LAYER offers superior moisture control technology.The wind cord is made of nylon and is reflective. It has Matt black grommets and eyelets, double plated to ensure it will not chip-off.The LT5B Breathable Nylon Hat is styled with the same medium, semi-sloping brim size as the Tilley LTM5 and T5 Cotton duck models."

I brought my hat from Whalley Warm and Dry for £43.35 which is 15% off the list price and they also offer free next day delivery.


  1. I have a LTM6; best hat I've ever had.

  2. I have an ancient, canvas, shit-brown T3, on which the now-green brass fittings rattled until I munged them up with ShoeGoo (I never used them, anyway, possessing not an ounce of antipodean dash). Unless I flip it up, the rear brim often interferes with my pack. Rather heavy, rather sweaty (your LT will be much better), good in the rain, but lousy under hoods, where baseball caps reign (rain?) supreme. An excellent tool for fanning a fire into life.

    Unbeloved but often appreciated.

    Wear yours in good health, Graham!

  3. I know I should buy an LT5B but I'm addicted to wearing baseball caps. Help me someone!

  4. A friend of mine swears by this brand. I think they even have a replacement policy that if you lose the hat, they'll replace it.

  5. I think mine is a T5 or something. Had it years, it's a wide brim thing. Essential for canoeing, keeps the rain from running down the back of my neck. Wouldn't wear it on the hill, but I can see how legends are built around these things though.