Friday, 26 October 2012

Dartmoor Perambulation

I'm off to Dartmoor on Sunday afternoon for my Dartmoor Perambulation. This will be my first backpacking trip since my Edale to Grasmere walk (up the Pennine Way over the Yorkshire Three Peaks & Howgills under the M6 into the Lake District) back in June.
Earlier this year some friends of mine from the Dorset group of The Backpackers Club did a walk led by John Yale based on "The Ancient Boundary Walk of Dartmoor" devised by Ian Kirkpatrick. Unfortunately due to other commitments I was unable to join them. You can read Trevor's account part 1 here & part 2 here . John has kindly passed on his printouts of the route so that I can follow in their footsteps,or as closely as the M.O.D. will allow as they have live firing on the Okehampton range during next week.
I am planning a more laid back walk than usual with daily mileages of around 10-12 miles a day and will probably wild camp most nights,but I may be tempted by the campsite in Princetown. The weather man says that I have better weather next week,so I am looking forward to clear crisp autumnal days.  

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Backpackers Winter Get-together

If you are interested in backpacking and are free between Friday 13th January and Sunday 15th January you are welcome to join us at Church Farm,Sixpenny Handley on the Dorset,Wiltshire,Hampshire borders where a number of us from The Backpackers Club will be meeting up.We won't be backpacking as this is a "static" weekend but there will be a walk via Penbury Knoll and Woodyates led by John Yale on Saturday or you can do your own walk if you wish.
There is a Bar open on the Campsite serving Fish & Chips which is open on Fridays only during the winter.In the nearby village there is the Roebuck Inn which also serves food and there is also a well stocked village store so you won't go hungry!
It is £7 per person per night and there is no need to book in advance as there will be plenty of room for everyone.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Cranborne Chase Dorset Winter Static

As the coordinator of the Dorset group of the Backpackers Club I am hoping to put on at least three Dorset events a year. A Winter Static,A Spring Weekend Backpack and an Autumn Weekend Backpack all within the County of Dorset.
I am also looking at the possibility of reviving the "Dorset Round" a summer week long backpack which was first arranged by Trevor Woodford. I would like to find a network of small campsites and friendly farmers which we could use. After a peaceful day walking in the Dorset countryside we don't want to be camping amongst hordes of screaming kids! If you have any sites in mind please do get in touch with me.

These are the details of Dorset Winter Static 2012 

January 13-15 2012 Cranborne Chase Dorset Winter Static
Maps: LR 184 or EX 118
Pitch: ST996173 
Church Farm,Sixpenny Handley,Nr Salisbury,Wiltshire SP5 5ND 
Tel: 01725 552563
Pitch fee £7 per person per night 
Saturday: Walk via Penbury Knoll and Woodyates 16km (10 miles) led by John Yale

Gareth from the Dorset based online outdoor retailer Webtogs will be joining us and he will be bringing along some new kit to show us including an inflatable tent by Nemo.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dartmoor Backpack

This weekend I had a chance to join a group from The Backpackers Club led by Dave Britton for a backpack on Dartmoor. Brian and Jill who live near to me in Bournemouth kindly offered to give me a lift up on Friday and I had a great time in their company.
We met up with the others at Huccaby Farm in Hexworthy where we camped on the Friday night in the lower field by the river.

The early arrivals.

On the Saturday morning eight of us set out taking an easterly route over the moors towards Warren House Inn where we spent the night on the moors to the north of the Inn.

Gandalf re-joins us after talking with the Ents

On Sunday morning we took a more direct route back to Hexworthy.

Jill and Brian with the Warren House Inn behind.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


My Trailstar in the Lake District a couple of years ago.

I sold this shelter last year,  but after watching Tony Hobbs recent YouTube video with Chris Townsend. 
I am now thinking of buying another :-)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Three go wild on the South Downs

Over weekend I met up with @NigeP and @s_tranter_photo this time for a weekend of wild camping on the South Downs


Above our woodland campsite on Saturday morning and below looking north over a misty valley.

After spending Saturday wandering the South Downs we made for Chanctonbury Ring planning to camp there but ended up camping by the nearby trig point.

Simon setting up his tarp.

Nigel's Tarptent and my Trailstar

Another view of my Trailstar

Below sunrise over Chanctonbury Ring 

Another couple of pictures of my Trailstar with misty valleys behind.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jetboil Flash

The Jetboil Flash  is attractive due to the way it packs away into a compact package.It is quick and easy to put together to make a brew while on the go.Which from a safety point of view is a good thing as Hypothermia is not a hikers friend.
I have found  that using stoves that take too long to set up and put away deters me from stopping for a hot drink.

It may not be the lightest or fastest stove out there but it more than makes up for that with the ease of use. The pot clips onto the gas burner unit and there are clip on feet supplied which attach under the gas canister they make it a very stable stove in all but the windiest conditions. But even then you can hold it in your hands while heating up the water. Strong winds can still effect the flame but it is easily sheltered using a backpack or even your hands when out in the open.

I bought the Jetboil Flash from Webtogs they also sell a range of other stoves which can be found on their website.

When its time for tea use this modern day Billycan for a hot drink in a flash!

video from RVOps